Connecting all the dots all the time.

Our mission: Use technology to power people to chart their own informed courses, in real-time, by linking the actions, decisions and hopes for change that drive behavior. For the purpose of employing the person’s own perceiving, reflecting and meaning-making in the absence of absolutes.

Since going live in 2005, Spherit has identified a continuum of products/services in the personal development, professional and organizational disciplines, all of which have been tested, validated and deployed. [The next generation of the Spherit system will advance the operating platform by incorporating an augmented artificial intelligent agent. See “AI Agent” tab at top of website.]

WHY A SPHERE? It’s a universal symbol for whole. It succeeds the machine metaphor with a present-day metaphor for life. It de-emphasizes linear habits. It embodies inter-connectivity and self-organization. It teaches people to think and act in whole new ways.

Phil Lawson’s work with The Sphere has been centered on ways to expand upon the human experience to power people to better navigate life’s complexities on their own. This effort is based on his life experiences. From a decade in mission work in disadvantaged areas of the Southern United States, to a decade as a business leader in roles of President, CEO, COO, and EVP (of a publicly traded internet company), working in Dallas, Los Angeles and Denver, two of which involved leading 40-employee size companies in fast growth and turn around strategies. Phil was a management consultant, for seven years, and traveled internationally, during which he produced confidential market research reports for international organizations and wrote many trade specific magazine articles.

Prior to company launch, Phil co-authored the 2004 book, Being Spherical – Reshaping Our Lives and Our World for the 21st Centurywhich explains the basis for the spherical approach. The visualization technology known as The Sphere was patented in 2008.


Phil Lawson

Spherit Founder, Phil Lawson, has designed five (deployed) technology applications, beginning in the early 1990s. But The Sphere is his most passionate and important contribution. Phil has invented a way to identify common characteristics found in all complex human situations. He’s developed methodology that engages stakeholders to enhance the integrity of human activities. This work makes practical application of advances in systems science, neuroscience and narrative psychology. The Sphere goes where no tech has gone before: For human interaction, about human issues, to boost human potential.

Phil is a member of the Cherokee Nation and his sister is an Indian Health Service Scholar.

pam pic with framePam Lawson

Pam has worked alongside Phil in his entrepreneurial pursuits (and mission work, while in her 20s) as well as worked for companies experiencing fast growth and market shifts. She is a creative writer and award-winning journalist with a broad-based background in news, photography, multi-media and creative directing. She is co-founder of Spherit and responsible for strategic communications, translation and refinement of Spherit research and work. Pam has played a key role in every aspect of the journey to The Sphere which has included assisting in the launch of various sphere applications.


Dan lord 2Dr Dan Lord – Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Transformed our understanding of human communication from 
an external focus on human interaction to applied neuroscience to also interact with the “universe within.” Has trained two generations of therapists to understand biologically what happens in a system (person or group) when they change and how to use that to empower people to grow.


sherod_186_larger square p3Dr Sherod Miller – CEO, ICP Inc.

Broke the code for interpersonal communication to help individuals and groups “become their own best problem solvers.”

His ground-breaking and award-winning work has been taught to some 1.5 million people in more than 375 colleges and universities and validated by more than 70 research studies.


Ben Miller 2

Dr Benjamin Miller – Director of Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center

Dr. Miller is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine where he is the Director of Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center. The Farley Center was created in 2014 to be a leader in conducting policy studies, relevant to particular health and healthcare challenges, disseminating evidence to those positioned to use it in their decision-making issues related to health policy for the University, and to be a leader locally and nationally on a variety of topic areas. Under Dr. Miller’s leadership, the Farley Center has worked on four main areas: behavioral health and primary care integration, payment reform, workforce, and prevention.

What do we do?

W e power people to navigate complex human situations in a simple, fast, elegant way online.

We use The Sphere. It captures a snapshot of our views in the moment. It's easy to connect the dots. It gets people on the same page. It puts life, health, work, and the world in context.

Bonus: The Sphere teaches us to think and act in a whole new way.

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